Filing for a divorce can be a time-consuming and emotional process. From the initial filing to debt and property division, every divorce has a different set of circumstances that require outside support. Our experienced divorce lawyers have the expertise needed to help you finalize your divorce with as little worry and hassle as possible. Whether it’s organizing the arrangements of child custody and support or determining property ownership, we’re committed to providing you with the type of legal advice that prioritizes your needs.


When it comes to divorce proceedings, one of the most difficult decisions is determining who receives which property assets and debts. Since Texas is a community property state, the courts try to divide these assets and debts equally by determining which items were acquired during and before the marriage. Since this step involves a lot of time and potentially stressful conversations, having a divorce attorney who can help you make reasonable decisions is important. Our law office has helped several couples settle their differences and reach peaceful resolutions catering to all parties involved.

In addition to being family law attorneys, we are proud to be experienced in handling QDROs or Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. These judicial orders are necessary to split a retirement or pension plan properly and are created to recognize joint marital ownership interests in the plan. Our De Ford Law Firm team will ensure this process is easy while protecting your hard-earned money and interests.


Understanding the ins and outs of legal proceedings can be overwhelming especially when it comes to a divorce. The attorneys at De Ford Law Firm are passionate about helping individuals reach the best possible outcome with ease and confidence.

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If you’re facing a divorce, you may be wondering about the probability of spousal support. In Texas, there is only one type of post-divorce support, otherwise known as spousal maintenance. Simply put, spousal maintenance is a temporary amount of money one spouse will pay to the other over a certain amount of time once the divorce is final. For a spouse to receive support, they must qualify for eligibility depending on a few scenarios.

In the state of Texas, spousal maintenance eligibility requirements include:

  • The other spouse committed family violence.
  • The support-seeking spouse cannot earn sufficient income for basic needs because of a physical or mental disability.
  • The couple was married for ten years or longer, and the support-seeking spouse cannot earn sufficient income for basic needs.
  • The support-seeking spouse has custody of a child of the marriage who requires special care due to a mental or physical disability, which prevents the custodial spouse from earning sufficient income for basic needs.
  • If the spouse is deemed eligible and the court determines spousal maintenance is appropriate, an amount and time frame will be decided for how long the award will last.

Still, trying to determine if you qualify for spousal support? Our reliable staff of divorce attorneys are very experienced in a wide range of family matters and are committed to ensuring you receive the best possible outcome. Get in touch with one of our attorneys to determine if you qualify for spousal support or are paying a fair amount to your partner.